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The varieties of freshwater fish available to the hobbyist are vast and
diverse.  From wild-types to captive strains, the choices are practically
endless.  We pride ourselves in dealing with only the best suppliers,
including exceptional private breeders.  All fish are carefully observed for
health and quality.  
When selecting your freshwater fish there are some important considerations and
research is very important.  Consider the adult size of the fish, aggression levels and
environmental requirements (comparable through
testing).  When determining if a fish
will be too large for your tank, you must consider the length, body depth, activity level,
territorial aggression and the amount of waste they normally produce.  There are
books about fish species available to the hobbyist and we also provide
information sheets about some species for your convenience.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to determine if a freshwater fish is a good
choice when purchasing online.  We encourage you to
contact us if we can be of
assistance and to determine availability.  Don't forget to check out our
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