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Aquarium water additives are designed to assist you in creating the
ultimate environment for the livestock that you keep.  Researching the
requirements of your tank's occupants will assist you in choosing the
products that you need.
The most common basic necessity for the maintenance of all aquariums is water
conditioner / dechlorinator.  To ensure that our water is safe for human consumption,
chlorine or chloramine is often added to domestic water supplies.  These chemicals
can be stressful or deadly to your livestock.  You can obtain information about what is
added to your water supply by contacting your local municipality.  Metals can often be
present in your water as well and only a test from your tap will detect them, as metals
like copper often come from pipes.  Different water conditioners address different
issues.  Some remove, neutralize or bind chloramine, chlorine and metals, while
others only treat some of these concerns. Still others increase slime coat production,
include natural antibacterial protection, add electrolytes, and so on.  Once you are
armed with information regarding your household water supply, you can select the
water conditioner / treatment which best suits your needs.

Other additives include Ph and other water parameter adjusters designed to create a
suitable environment for the tank occupants.  These additives are designed to
maintain certain levels but should still be monitored with an appropriate
test kit.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to determine if a product will suit your
purposes when purchasing online.  We encourage you to
contact us if we can be of


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