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Diseases and parasites can show up in home aquaria as a result of
introduction, stress, crowding, etc.  It is an unfortunate probability that you
will eventually have to treat a fish with medication.  One of the main causes
for disease in aquariums is the introduction of new fish without
quarantining them for at least two weeks.  Having a small
tank on hand for
use as a quarantine/hospital tank is crucial for the continuing health of your
present tank occupants.    
Identifying the problem is an important part of determining treatment.  Medicating
without knowing what illness you are dealing with can stress the fish further and
cause immunities/superbugs.   Isolating the fish for treatment is highly recommended
to avoid medicating healthy fish, reduce the spread of the disease and to treat less
expensively.  When it isn't possible to identify the exact illness, you can start by
narrowing down the possibilities, such as parasites vs. bacterial infection. Always
follow the directions on the packaging and complete a full course of treatment, even if
the fish appear to be recovered.

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